Your Health In Your Hands

Hey there!! Queen Flame KeepHer back with some VERY EXCITING NEWS!!! I have OFFICIALLY launched my 60 Day Kickstarter Campaign!! I am ready to move on to the next level of giving back and paying it forward.

We all know there are lots and lots of abuse centers, programs and workshops that are there to help people who are being abused, have been abused, or suffering from the loss of a loved one who was abused. Unfortunately, there are not a great deal of abuse prevention centers, programs and workshops available to avoid these tragic situations to begin with.

Without even realizing many who suffer from depression, low self esteem and poor emotional intelligence, are the most likely to end up in an abusive situation. I have designed a 7 step program that allows the participants to address all of these societal issues and concerns in the privacy of their own room. This is manifested in the form of my self improvement journal "Sessions 4 DaSoul : 7 Steps to Wellness". These exercises have been so effective in helping people who kept going in and out of and falling through the cracks of the centers, programs and workshops already in place.


Your Health In Your Hands

60 Day KickStarter Campaign

My name is Calestine L. Young also known by my pen name Queen Flame KeepHer. I was born and raised in Morristown, New Jersey in the summer of 1976. Through the years, I have suffered from sexual abuse, severe depression, and PTSD. I sought treatment from mental health professionals and after years of refusing medicines that would make me feel like a zombie, and group therapy, I decided to just try and help myself. I lost 3 of my 6 children; 2 after birth as well. Grief was a new obstacle. Even through the pain, I found a way, many ways to cope. I created my brand DaLightHouse LLC to be a lighthouse for those who find or found themselves having experiences like me or worse. I am the owner and sole proprietor at DaLightHouse LLC. I am raising funds to build affordable programs and workshops that build self esteem, emotional intelligence and financial literacy for those who suffer daily from lack of resources to address these critical issues in our society. I plan to use the exercises from my self improvement journal to build the infrastructure of these programs and workshops. All aspects will be designed around creating healthy outlets for people before they end up a victim. The programs and workshops will be formulated to prevent abuse, not just provide resources for those who have already suffered through it. 


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