Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Can you believe it?! I can hardly believe I published my 3rd book y'all!! It's called Poetry @ DaLightHouse and it is full of poetic gems. Over the years writing is something that has always stuck with me. Even though I did not like public speaking, still really don't, in class I was the most well spoken student with the best presentation.

When I have the time to formulate my thoughts, they are like water to the dehydrated soul. Something within me allows me the ability to relate and speak to the heart of any being. They don't always want to listen because words can be harsh. I find a way to tell the truth as gently as possible. My self expression method is likely because of my personality type. I am a defender personality so I am always seeking the win-win.

Well, we are winning y'all! I am winning and so are those who share any part of this journey with the intent to win. It may have taken me over 2 decades but, within 3 weeks, I have been fortunate enough to publish my third book and have a 4th just waiting for cover art!! Celebrate this win with me and purchase one of my books for your enjoyment and soul quenching.

Use this time at home to become your best self!! Don't just worry about investing money!! Invest time in self reflection, self correction and self direction!!! My NEW Self Improvement Journal can help you and it costs less than $20 including shipping!! Aren't you willing to invest $20 in yourself improvement right? I mean you are worth that much time and money in yourself right!!

Many of us suffer in silence because we're afraid to be judged, labeled, and open to change!

This journal is for you especially!!!!! You can use it to help yourself manage yourself optimally! If You LOVE yourself and want to do better or are trying to LOVE yourself or know someone who fits this build, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU and/or THEM!! Cover art by my daughter the Late Great Queen AnNuwr Martinique A.K.A. Queen DaLight!

"Sessions 4 DaSoul : 7 Steps 2 Wellness"

If You LOVE Art and If You LOVE Scripture, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!! A book of drawn sermons over the years of the life of my QueenMother, the Late Great Mrs. Calestine Young. A beautiful mixture of art and scripture you will not want to miss out on. Explore and pick a favorite scripture and drawing for yourself!

"Her Art & Scripture"

If You LOVE Poetry and Art this book is for YOU TOO!! Book # 3 full of insightful poetry by yours truly!!! Also full of beautyfull drawings by myself and my 6 year old son Mahdi Allah Supreme!!

"Poetry @ DaLightHouse"

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