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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Today, I will share something with y'all that may change your view of me, maybe not but I have to share!! I used to be a victim of sexual and emotional abuse. I was sexually abused by my Grandpa and as a result I emotionally abused myself and others. I went from victim to victimizer just like that. I hadn't even noticed I was now the predator until, it was almost too late.

Do you know anyone like that? Are you that someone I just inquired about? If you answered yes to either of my questions, I have WONDERFUL news for you!! Not only are you NOT alone, I CAN HELP and you CAN BE HELPED!! I give you my word that it will NOT happen overnight! I also give my word that if you keep working at improving your life and healing your pain, you will do more than just survive; You WILL THRIVE!!

I spent the first 2/3 of my life in anguish, depressed and feeling alone even though I was almost always surrounded by people. Many of us spend our days surrounded by friends, family, co-workers, and loved ones completely isolated by our own pain and insecurities. That pain, those insecurities are often caused by some unspoken trauma or trauma that has been spoken of but not resolved. Abuse is normalized in today's society :(

Too many think that in order to protect themselves, they must attack others. This is hardly ever the case. However, that doesn't stop us from acting in this manner on a daily, worldwide basis. As someone who was once a victim and then spent some time making victims of others, I know both sides. People who abuse are NEVER conceived and born with a malicious intent inside to abuse others. This behavior is taught and learned from conception by parents, family and friends who have once also been abused.

The beauty full thing is that we all have a chance to stop being victims and stop making victims of others so we can break this vicious cycle of abuse in our country. You can act like it doesn't exist but that is not helping you and it's not going to help anyone else this is ACTUALLY happening to.

That's right, I wrote a mini biography/memoir of my life as a victim and as one who victimized myself and others as a result. I wrote this book to share my story with those who I cannot reach but need an ear and a voice of someone who has been there and walked away with a surviving and thriving spirit eventually. I need y'all to KNOW you CAN do it to!!!

Please join me in CELEBRATING my new book release, my new lease on life and the potential start of a new way of life for all who are brave enough to read a story like theirs and motivate to change. In honor of my new release any who order my books direct through me WILL receive a MINIMUM 10% discount for your total purchase (shipping not included).

IN FACT, the first 25 to send their payment to me for direct order of my new release "THE VICTIMIZER", will receive 25% off book costs!! THAT'S BASICALLY FREE SHIPPING Y'ALL!!!! That's right, be one of the first 25 to send your flat rate $16.00 payment to my PayPal @ along with your shipping information to take part in the biggest sale I have ever offered so far!!!


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