DaLightHouse LLC (The Journey)

Welcome family! It took me learning and practicing a few hobbies to find the direction I wanted my business to go. At first the hobbies started out at ways to cope with depression and PTSD. They are things that help build my calm and my happy. Years later, my brand DaLightHouse LLC is the lifestyle enhancement hub EVERYONE should experience!!

When I lost my first son in 2003, I taught myself how to crochet to ease my grief and put money in my pockets. I surprised myself! I was too distracted to learn anything more than the basic stitches. Years later, I create custom one of a kind crochet thread masterpeaces (products).

I had so much inside, I decided to write about it all as a way to cope and bring relief to my thoughts. I wrote poetry books that I never had the focus to publish. I started an autobiography and never had the focus to finish the story. I was always a good writer but my depression and trauma interfered with my ability to build on that quality. Years later, I have published my first book; a self improvement journal to help those like myself.

I went to school and obtained my Associates Degree in Pastry Arts. That's right, I learned to bake so I could develop a trade and have another coping mechanism. I was never that good a cook or baker. Everything was pretty much heating up already cooked foods or using boxed and bagged mixes for baking. Years later, I bake delicious baked goods like Apple Cinnamon Upside Down Cake and more!! Baking helps calm my spirit and line my pockets.

I even started in my later years to grab hold of the natural artist in me and create some beautyfull drawings and paintings! I have only been doing this for about 2 years now but the release and the opportunity it provides me is invaluable and I'm not so bad to be out of practice for over 3 decades. That's right, I hadn't drawn or painted anything since art class in high school.

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