Lifestyle Enhancement at It's Finest

Over the years, I have been through many trial and tribulation and I'm told by those who know my story that they would have buckled and folded half way through. Despite the depression, pain and trauma I have managed to create several businesses that were used to help me stay focused on coping, surviving and thriving. I would always get asked about how I stay so positive and what I use to keep my skin glowing. For many years I tried to find a way to share my secrets with the world without the drain of diving into the individual to help.

I have been working and building my brand for lifestyle enhancement for over a decade now! I am so excited to be able to introduce you to DaLightHouse LLC. My brand offers various products and services for all ranges of people. I have created an extended family environment with my brand. that allows others to obtain and achieve the #INNERPEACE and #SELFLOVE they see in me. Everyone who invests with DaLightHouse LLC is making a conscious decision to invest in themselves as well. I offer one of a kind crochet masterpeaces and one of a kind original artpeaces (drawings and paintings). I also offer other lifestyle enhancing products like my self improvement journal and health help snacks and teas all created with my head, heart and hands.

I have also created lifestyle enhancing services like my subscription based program offering individual advice, inspiration and motivation tailored to your abilities, needs, and wants. I also offer private life coaching along with additional resource help for those who purchased my journal and would like a bit more help on their journey.

Join me in intruducing my brand to the world by sharing or purchasing my new self improvement journal available on or any of my other products and services available for the lifestyle enhancement and self improvement of yourself and/or your loved ones!!

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