30 Day PAC (Positive Affirmation Challenge)

Grand Rising to All!! Those who know me well, know that I love to shake it up and do a 30 Day PAC (Positive Affirmation Challenge)

My 30 Day PAC is an exercise I created and use for myself to keep my mind set in and on positive things and outcomes. The reason I created this exercise is because I have been through some really traumatizing experiences and I found it increasingly difficult to keep my normal positive outlook on things; mainly myself. Every day, I MAKE time to think and reflect on something positive about myself and/or my situation to help drive my focus for the day. I would then share this with my close friends and family via text to keep myself accountable and to spread the love and positivity. I was almost sure if I needed it, they probably could use it too!! :)

I realized after my 3rd time doing the 30 Day PAC, how much longer my positive attitude and outlook lasted beyond the 30 days!! I had formed a habit that was now my new norm!! It's common knowledge that it only takes 30 days to make or break a habit! This became a way for me to break the unhealthy habit of negative outlooks and self talks and simultaneously develop and new habit of positive outlook and positive self talks! Who couldn't use MORE OF THAT??!!!

I will be starting another one soon and it will be monetized!!

YOU TOO can #JOINME NOW and participate for ONLY $0.17day!!!!!

That's only $5/month for a daily positive motivating message ALL MONTH LONG!!!

I KNOW WE ALL COULD USE SUM DAILY POSITIVITY!!! AND I KNOW WE ALL SOMETIMES (sum more than others) HAVE DIFFICULTY driving that CONSTANT FOCUS. Let me do the work for you for 30 days and You won't have to do ANYTHING but Rise and Receive!!


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