This is just a video briefly telling you who I am, how and why I created DaLightHouse LLC. My name is Calestine Young and my Pen name is Queen Flame KeepHer. I am here to help heal the broken, traumatized, victimized, depressed and abused. #JOINME #HEALINGHEALERS



Who We Are

DaLightHouse LLC is the brand I created and developed to provide a wide range of lifestyle enhancing products and services. As I struggled through my the trauma of my sexual abuse, I had a daughter named AnNuwr. In Arabic, that means The Light. As she approached preteen stage, she started calling herself, DaLight. She truly was a lighthouse to all her friends, teachers, parents and grandparents! She was taken from us because of a glioblastoma tumor on her brain. This brand and my cause is dedicated to her. My products and services serve as tools to help any who desire to be their own lighthouse and one to others.

 I don't view my clients as customers. Instead they become what I love to call * extended family*. Every product and service offered is created with my knowledge, wisdom (life experience) and understanding of how to obtain and maintain inner peace. I offer myself, my products and services to be the lighthouse to the best you imaginable! #JOINME